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The Glueys are trapped, and only you can free them!

With over 25 million players, this crazy popular game is finally available on the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Gluey is not your typical puzzle game—Forced into weird containers in a far off land, glueys will slosh, splat, split and glorp together in infinitely hilarious ways. Your mission is to combine blobby Zen thinking, gravity and the occasional thermonuclear explosion to rescue Glueys from an untimely end.

Gluey has been completely redesigned for iOS and includes all new levels that are guaranteed to suck away your last remnants of productivity. Did we mention there's toxic waste, locks and skulls?

"For a strange minute while playing this game I smelt pumpkin."
"Weird to say the least"
"Think. Click. Swear. Think. Pray. Click. Swear."
"Did this game make anyone else thirsty?"
"Saving Glueys? Makes me feel good!"

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